Custom Design

Unique colors and elegant fonts at your fingertips

Custom Design for

Make your blog unique with Custom Fonts

Personalize your blog with our diverse collection of fonts. Get set up in seconds—no coding required.

Elegant color palettes for your blog

Change your entire color scheme with a single click, or dive in and use the color picker to refine any palette.

Take control with the CSS Editor

Advanced users will appreciate the CSS Editor which can be used to make detailed changes to existing themes.

What you’ll get with this upgrade

  • Choice of over 50 fonts for blog titles, headings, and body text
  • Wide selection of popular color palettes and background patterns
  • Color suggestions matched to work well with your current palette
  • A color picker that allows you to fine tune your color selections
  • Built in contrast rules to ensure text is readable
  • CSS Editor with CSS3 support for maximum flexibility